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How_Icon-01 Decisionmakers face high-speed change of markets and need to engage employees (and customers) at the same high-speed to stay ahead of competition. Read how you can do this.


How_Icon-02 Councils and associations need intelligent and clear insights in what employees and members truely demand. Read how you stay on top of things going on.


How_Icon-03 Consultants use our online dialogue solutions to collect unique, intelligent insights and knowledge and leverage their added value and implementation success. Read how.

A few customers


    Win Hearts

Why_Icon-01 Our solutions increase employee and customer engagement by short and powerful dialogues. They will share the essentials: their best idea or opinion, their votes and reasons why. To the point. The best way to make them stand out. Contact us.

   Get Wiser

Why_Icon-02 Your employees (and customers) are the true eyes and ears of your organisation. They know more, together, and they’re willing to share their knowledge. Curious?

Make Impact

Why_Icon-03 Our dialogue solutions enables decisionmakers, councils and consultants to make more impact. Better ideas, insights in who contributed what, what idea obtained support. Ambition to start?


Maurik Dippel

Co-founder - CEO

Actively involved in product and business development. Maurik is in touch with the market and translates customer needs to usefull generic functionality.

Danny Gorter

Co-founder - CTO

Translating business needs to technology. Danny actively stays in touch with the business needs and translates these to technically feasible and usefull implementation.

Silvio Merucci

Senior developer

Our senior developer Silvio creates the scalable and secure solutions that we need to keep ahead of our customer needs.

Jean-Pierre Akkermans

Dialogue Expert | Sales

Auke van der Grinten

Sales intern

Peter Glissenaar

Corporate Advisor | Investor

Theo van der Maas

Business Development Asia

You? Yes!

Sales professional

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  • IT’S ON US!
  • 1 Full Dialogue
  • Unique, objective voting round
  • 1 Dialogue Report
  • Access via open link
  • Or via email invitees
  • Two weeks access
  • Start for Free Now
  • On request
  • 10 Users, specific rights
  • Dashboard with Statistics
  • >100 Dialogues + Reports
  • Multilinguality (EN, DU, etc)
  • >70 sample Dialogue questions
  • Anonymity option per Dialogue
  • Workshop modus or Deadlines
  • Access restrictions
  • Lots more!
  • Contact Us Now!
  • On request
  • Additional Users
  • Single Sign on integration
  • Corporate Identity
  • Full Data Exports
  • Private Library
  • Branding
  • Lots more!
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