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Why - Engaging the crowd in to-the-point Dialogues

    Win Hearts

Why_Icon-01 Engage your employees and / or customers in dialogues. CouncilWise helps you and your team or council to understand and deploy the power of dialogue. We support you by introducing the unique CouncilWise instrument to efficiently have successful dialogues with large groups of people. Win their hearts.

   Get Wiser

Why_Icon-02 Two know more than one. The more brains you engage, the more superior the outcome of your dialogues. The wisdom of the crowds beats anything else. Remember, your people are the true eyes and ears of the organization and will share their wisdom with you. Take them seriously.

Make Impact

Why_Icon-03 CouncilWise deeply improves the quality of employee participation. High quality suggestions and the votes of participants drive better understanding, negotiation, off-sites, decisionmaking or implementation. Make more impact.


One Open Question

How_Icon-01 Formulate one open question to start a new Dialogue or use the ones on our website. We will guide you then through the process to specify details and generate a link to use in your invitation to people. You may also invite people directly via their email addresses. Respondents answer your open question in 200 characters, and may be inspired by (anonymous) opinions that others already submitted. After submitting they’re thanked. That’s it (demo).

One Vote

How_Icon-02 Upon reaching the deadline you’ve set, respondents are asked to vote for their 3 favorits, based on a evenly distributed set of 15 given answers. Respondents may view more if they want. Votes are aggregated and respondents are asked why they’ve voted on these specific 3. This helps them think harder and share that with you (demo). 

One Report

How_Icon-03 Respondents get via email the top 5 voted suggestions. You will receive the extended report via an email alert and link to your dashboard. We will provide extended data to view how successful your Dialogue has been, a longer list of given and highly voted-for answers and the names of the corresponding respondents. You will learn more about ‘hidden talents’ than any talentmanagement program ever did before (demo)! Contact us for a branded, multi-user account!


CouncilWise is founded in 2014 by Maurik Dippel and Danny Gorter. CouncilWise enables decisionmakers, organizations, councils, unions and other entities that must or want to involve employees, clients and/or stakeholders, to do this in a powerful, disciplined, cost-efficient way. We’ve been supported and inspired by great minds to startup this new company and are committed to make employee participation a success. Follow us on twitter @CouncilWise for suggestion questions to use for new Dialogues with your people, news on employee and customer participation, and of course upcoming job openings. We’re located in The Hague (The Netherlands, that’s in Europe), almost as close to the beach to taste the salty water and feel the wind and waves moving our surf board (if we have time).


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