• How do I invite participants?
    • In CouncilWise you can invite participants in two ways. Yes, simultaneously if you'd like.

      1 By sharing the open link.

      We generate a unique link for your new Dialogue. You may share this link via social media or email campaings, create your own QR code or use it in any other way to reach out to your target audience, such as your clients, employees, etc. You may, however, choose to limit access to respondents that have a specific emailaddress extension(s), such as of your organization. It saves you the trouble to upload the excel of participants with their email address of course.

      2 Invitation by Excel list
      Click on the bar 'Invite participants by e-mail list'. This is a very good choice if you want to specifically invite (many) participants.
      Download the Excel template and fill in the fields.
      Upload this sheet using the 'Browse' button.
      The list of participants will now be visible in the box. Check the list for abnormalities.
  • Who has access to my Dialogues?
    • If you have an Enterprise version of CouncilWise, you have chosen for a multi-user account. In this case, these specific team members may view your finalised Dialogue report via the shared Dashboard, yet may not edit or interfere in any Dialogue in progress. Respondents never have access to the Dashboard, yet only to the screens via the links provided by the invitations for a specific Dialogue to share their opinion, or cast their votes. By sharing Dialogue reports within the specific team, knowledge sharing is optimized.
  • What's the process of a Dialogue from a respondent's perspective?
    • The respondent either gets any sort of communication and access to the open link, or is directly invited via an email. The content is made custom by the person who initiates the Dialogue.

      1 Open link process

      The respondent gets access to the link in various ways, decided by the initiator of the Dialogue, and fills in an email address, first and last name. If the email address is not restricted, access is provided, and the respondent may start reading the description of this Dialogue and the question of this Dialogue itself, before writing his opinion/suggestion. After validation of his email address (of course) the opinion is submitted. Upon the set deadline, he receives an invitation to vote on 20 opinions from other people and motivate his choice. Upon the deadline for the voting round, he receives an email alert with the key results. That's it.

      2 Direct invitation via email

      Via this invitation process, the email address is validated by the initiator of the Dialogue of course, and the respondent may click the link instantly and start the same process as written above by sharing his opinion. Etcetera. That's it.
  • How and where is the data of the Dialogues stored?
    • All data is stored in the Netherlands. Every 24 hours, a backup is executed. All passwords are determined by the user, and are stored encrypted.
  • Can we switch users if people leave the team or organization?
    • Yes. Just send us the new and old user names and email addresses via an email.
  • How is data security ensured (for compliance)?
    • For compliance, we have taken the following measures:

      • Our hosting environment is certified to the following standards:
        - ISO 27001
        - ISO 9001
        - NEN 7510

      • An external security company tests our system quarterly to be secure against hackers.

  • Is CouncilWise an anonymous tool?
    • Respondents submit their suggestions, without knowing other people's suggestion. The second round enables them to appreciate other people's anonymized suggestions, and motivate their choice. The report shows people's names, unless chosen not to by the user, which is a known fact in that case for each respondent.

  • Isn't CouncilWise just like any other survey tool, such as SurveyMonkey?
    • Traditional survey tools have 3 clear unique selling points:
      - you can make them long, very long to make sure response rates stay low.
      - you determine the answers that respondents may select, to avoid tapping their knowledge.
      - there's no voting round, no motivation, so you may easily stay ignorant for the voice of the people.
      CouncilWise does precisely the opposite. And yes, you may use CouncilWise for free as well to give it a try. Contact us now!
  • How does CouncilWise handle the emailaddresses, used in Dialogues?
    • CouncilWise solely uses the email addresses to execute the application's functionalities. We do not sell email addresses to any 3rd party.
  • What if we have great tips to improve and enrich the tool?
    • You can mail us. Please do! Our roadmap is mainly determined by feedback and suggesties from users, respondents and our partners! Respondents may rate CouncilWise at the end of any dialogue loop and submit their tips. We assess all feedback within our team. This way, every 4 weeks we go live with an improved version of CouncilWise. Sign up for our product updates here.